Respite - [Orlando Bloom/Viggo Mortensen, AU, touch of angst, PG.  Orlando's POV.  Happiness can't be found in doing what is expected of us, only in doing what the heart knows is right]

Fearless - [Orlando Bloom/Viggo Mortensen, AU tough of light angst, G. He never said he was fearless]




Adrift - [Lex, angst, PG.  Lex's POV immediately following the events of 'Exodus'. Survival and coming home.]

Bereft - [Lex, AU, angst, PG-13.  Living doesn't always mean being alive. Warning: character death]

Combustion - [Lex/Clark, AU, angst, first time, romance, NC-17. Clark and Lex meeting for the first time in college.

Drive - [Lex/Clark, NC-17.  PWP.  Boys and cars.]

Midnight Run - [Lex/Clark, PG.  Lex isn't whipped. Really.]




Starlight - [Scott, angst, PG. Scott's POV immediately following X2. Warning: character death]

Dissolution - [Marie/Logan, angst, PG. Marie's POV, dealing with loss.]