Notes: Written for Sarah's SVFF Challenge and Dolimir's pairing--Clark/Lex; AU, Clark and Lex meeting for the first time at college.

Special thanks:  to my magnificent, wonderful betas - Sarah, Andy, Siobhan, and strawberrycream - without your help, this fic would have been a minefield of grammatical errors, so thank you so much for helping it to become better than it was! *hugs*  And extra special thanks to Andy, wielder of the pokey stick, who audienced and encouraged and got me so excited about this, I couldn't get the boys to shut up.  So excited, in fact, that I will most likely continue to play in this world in the near future.





One too many all-night parties, one too many visits to the emergency room, and here he was again.  Back in college, this time with a decree from Lionel – no more parties, no more drugs, no more headlines in the tabloids detailing his sexual exploits, and don’t get kicked out this time.  As his father had made quite clear on the ride over to Metropolis University that morning, if he failed to meet any one of Lionel’s stipulations, he could consider himself disinherited.  Disowned.  Out on the street with nothing more than the clothes on his back. 


If Lionel even let him keep that much. He certainly hadn’t wasted any time in having his lawyers find the loophole that would allow him to take control of the inheritance Lex’s mother had left him upon her death.  It had taken all of two months, and Lex was squarely under Lionel’s thumb again; something that had chafed and chafed at him until childhood meekness had exploded into teenage rebellion.


Experimentation with the cook’s daughter taught him that he liked sex. 


Experimentation with one of the groundskeeper’s sons taught him that he liked it with men even more.


A lot more. 


Being discovered by his father had resulted in nothing more than a disgusted look of ‘for God’s sake, Lex, not with the help.’  Apparently the gender of his preferred partners hadn’t mattered to Lionel, only that he was discreet.


The week after this discovery, Lex was arrested for the first time, for having sex with a man in the back room of a club.  Running a fingertip absently over the scar on his upper lip, Lex smiled darkly at the memory.  Lionel had not reacted well to that.  Not at all.  But the fact that he *had* reacted was all that mattered to Lex at the time.


He might be an embarrassment to the Luthor name but he refused to be something that Lionel could ignore.


One arrest had led to more, especially after Lex was introduced to the wonderful world of pharmaceuticals.  There were so many to choose from; drugs to make him feel strong, drugs to make him feel wanted, drugs to make him forget about being ‘that weird Luthor kid.’  The one who was too smart for his age, the one who didn’t have any friends, the quiet one who sat in the corner and watched.


The one who didn’t fit in.  The one who didn’t belong.


The drugs helped push those thoughts away. 


Anonymous bodies pounding into him, nameless hands gripping his hair while they fucked his mouth; those kept the thoughts away.


And now those avenues of escape were closed to him because, although Lex had turned pissing his father off into an art form, he had no desire to find out what it was like to be homeless and without a penny to his name.  At least if he finished his degree this time, he had a chance at eventual freedom.


“Hello.”  A voice split the silence of his dorm room and Lex’s response was instantaneous shutdown – his lips pasted into a half smirk, all other expression wiped from his face, and his ice-blue eyes went cold with carefully cultivated disdain.  Lifting his head from where it had been leaning against the back of his chair, Lex let his gaze trail slowly up the body that belonged to that voice.


Ratty canvas sneakers.  Jeans that were worn nearly through at the knees, frayed at the seams, and clearly had seen far better days.  A faded red t-shirt that clung ever so slightly to a well-defined abdomen that made Lex’s mouth feel suddenly dry, eyes lingering on the thick fingered hands that were fiddling with a can of Coke before looking up past broad shoulders to settle on the face.  The face that was almost painfully beautiful but unmistakably male, framed by dark, unruly hair and split by a smile bright enough to make Lex wince.


Instead, he arched one thin brow and looked pointedly at the open doorway behind his visitor.  His father issues a decree and that very same day a wet dream on two legs walks into his room?  Lex didn’t believe in coincidence.  At least not where Lionel Luthor was concerned.


“I don’t remember leaving the door open.”  A faint blush colored tan cheeks and the young man shrugged.


“It was open a crack and I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Clark.”  Lex had to give him credit – he sounded remarkably sincere.  Genuinely friendly.  And that made Lex’s skin itch in a way he couldn’t define, and made him want to shove the boy away hard.


Climbing to his feet and studiously ignoring the offered hand, Lex opened the small refrigerator the movers had deposited in the corner of his room and stifled a snort of disgust at finding only bottles of water inside.  Grabbing one, eyes narrowed in annoyance, he twisted the cap off and took a long swallow before turning back to face Clark.  Leaning one hip against the edge of the desk behind him, he met Clark’s faint frown with a blank expression of his own and spoke before the smile threatened to come back.


“I’ll make sure to shut and lock it next time then.”  Green eyes blinked and one eyebrow went up in response and for the life of him, Lex couldn’t understand why Clark wasn’t getting the none-too-subtle hint that he wasn’t welcome in Lex’s room.


“You didn’t tell me your name.”  Oh that was good, and said with such innocence that Lex almost believed that he honestly didn’t know who he was.  He opened his mouth to reply but was interrupted by the loud, booming sound of someone shouting in the hallway.


“Kent! Kent, where are you? You promised you’d... oh.  There you are.”  A tall, broadly muscled shape appeared in the doorway behind Clark and Lex’s immediate thought was ‘football player.’  He didn’t miss the way the other young man’s eyes shifted from Clark to look past him and he definitely didn’t miss the disgust and hostility that replaced the friendly expression there as soon as they settled on him.


So Lex did the first thing he thought of – he winked at him.  The look turned into a glare and the football player grabbed Clark’s bicep with one hand.


“C’mon, Kent, you don’t want to catch anything.”  Clark looked quickly from his friend back to Lex.  Lex gave him a brittle smile and shrugged.


“Ask your buddy about me, if you’re so curious.”  Frowning now, Clark turned towards the football player.


“Rick?”  ‘Rick’ just shook his head and pulled harder on Clark’s arm.


“I’m serious, Kent, stay away from the rich faggot for your own good.  He’s bad news.”  Clark stiffened and was still blinking in surprise when his friend dragged him into the hall and yanked the door shut behind them.


Running one hand through short, dyed black hair, Lex exhaled slowly and looked around the small, threadbare room.  Definitely not what he was used to, but he’d deal with it.


After all, it wasn’t as if he had a choice.  Lionel had seen to that.





Lex was sprawled on the bed, half asleep, when a knock on the door dragged his eyes open again.  Clenching his jaw, he shook his head.


“What?”  There. He’d been sharp and brusque and whoever it was would leave him the fuck alone.


“It’s me.  Clark.”  Blinking in surprise, Lex sat up abruptly and stared at the door.  After the testosterone laden display in his doorway earlier that afternoon, he’d been fairly certain that he’d seen the last of Clark Kent.  Apparently he’d been wrong.


Still wrung out from the overindulgence that had landed him in this mess in the first place, Lex let curiosity get the better of him and climbed off the bed, making his way to the door.  He paused with his hand on the knob to school his face into an expression of blank boredom before pulling the door open.


Clark stood there in the same clothes he’d been wearing earlier, with one hand raised to knock again.  He blinked in surprise at Lex’s sudden appearance and then smiled that same brilliant smile at him.


“Hey.”  Despite himself, Lex’s lips started to twitch up in an answering smile before he forced them down again.


Obviously, he was much more tired that he had originally thought if he couldn’t control his own damn facial expressions.


“What do you want, Clark?”  The thousand watt smile dimmed somewhat but Clark rallied quickly.


“I figured that you probably hadn’t had a chance to make it to the dining hall yet and I thought you might like some company.”


Lex stared silently at Clark for a full minute before he could even formulate a response.  Either the boy was very persistent or maybe, just *maybe*, Lex had been wrong about him.  Narrowing his eyes, he leaned against the doorjamb.


“Just how much is Lionel paying you?”  The smile turned downwards into a frown and Clark tilted his head at him.


“Who’s Lionel and why would he be paying me?”  Not a twitch of recognition at the mention of Lex’s father, just confused curiosity.  A reaction that seemed so temptingly genuine that a part of Lex’s mind began to seriously doubt his previous assumption of Clark’s motives.


“Never mind, it’s not important.”  His voice sounded slow and slightly shaky to his own ears and Lex’s hands clenched slightly.  But Clark didn’t seem to have noticed, just continued to look at him, lips tentatively curling up.


“So? Dinner?”  What could it hurt – if the boy was working for his father, Lex was sure he’d let something slip over dinner, and if he wasn’t, well... he’d deal with that when he came to it.  Relaxing somewhat, Lex shrugged and let a small smile creep onto his own face.


“Sure, why not.”  In return, he received an instantaneous grin that made Lex inexplicably think of Christmas and presents and his own smile grew a little in response.


“Great!  The dining hall’s right next door, so we won’t have far to go.”  Clark was nodding animatedly now and stepping back from the doorway, obviously waiting for Lex to join him.  Shaking his head, Lex reached back and grabbed his keys from the table near the door and locked it behind him.


“Wonderful.  Then I won’t have far to crawl when I come down with food poisoning.”  The laugh that greeted Lex’s half-serious mutter as they exited the dorm was startling, open and easy, and it made warmth pool in the pit of Lex’s stomach.  Equally startling was the grin Lex found himself giving Clark as he shook his head.


“I’m serious, Clark.  Nothing that’s cooked in a building as ugly as that could possibly be good for you.”  Lex was in the process of pointing at the dining hall they were rapidly approaching when Clark’s shoulder knocked into his and he turned to look at the boy in surprise.  Only to find Clark grinning slyly back at him.


“Don’t worry, Lex.  I could always carry you back.”  Okay, there was joking and then there was *flirting* and what Clark had just said, the tone he’d used, definitely qualified as the latter.  The warmth in Lex’s stomach migrated a little further south and the grin on his face mutated into something more... enticing.


“Careful, Clark, you wouldn’t want your friends to see you fraternizing with the rich faggot.  Especially not the girls.”  At Lex’s words, Clark’s smile disappeared and his expression grew dark.


“About Rick...”


“He told you who I am.”


“Yeah, but that wasn’t what I was going to say.”


“He was right, Clark.”


“He was an asshole, Lex!”  The vehemence of Clark’s outburst almost stopped Lex in his tracks.  Tilting his head towards his companion, Lex arched a brow.


“Why?  I am rich and I am a faggot.”  If anything, Lex’s teasing words seemed to make Clark even angrier.


“He was rude and an asshole and he had no right to treat you like that.”




“Besides, I’m not interested in girls.”






They climbed the steps to the entrance in silence and it wasn’t until Clark was pulling the door open that Lex found his voice again.


“So what *are* you interested in?”


“You.”  It wasn’t Lex’s fault that he almost tripped in the doorway, it was the way Clark’s tone curled around him, climbed under his skin and promised all sorts of things in just that single word.  Swallowing past a dry throat and willing his traitorous body to remain calm, Lex smirked over his shoulder right before he stepped into the overcrowded dining room.






Dinner with Clark had been... interesting.  He’d talked about growing up on a farm, what his family was like, what classes he was taking, and the entire time he was speaking, he watched Lex with those intense green eyes.  No one had looked at Lex like that in a very long time.  Or ever, actually, and he was really beginning to doubt his initial thought that Clark was part of some test set up by his father.  Not even a hooker – a high class, well-paid hooker – could fake that kind of heat.  And as far as Lex could tell, Clark wasn’t faking it.  Not with the way he’d leaned close as they’d walked back. Not with the reluctance he’d shown when he’d told Lex that he had a paper to write for class tomorrow, before backing towards his room next door with his eyes still on Lex.  No one could fake that, and Lex would know – he’d been with a lot of very talented people. 


Sighing, Lex leaned back in his desk chair and stared at the open water bottle in his hands.  He’d never been one to believe in destiny but he’d never met anyone who’d made him feel so much, so quickly.  He’d never met anyone like Clark Kent and now that he had, he wasn’t quite sure what to do with him.


Oh, he knew what he *wanted* to do with him, but he didn’t want it to end up like everything else.  For the first time in his life, he wanted more.


He wanted it all.


Shaking his head at the pathetically romantic turn his thoughts had taken, Lex put the bottle down on the edge of his desk and stood up.  The pressure in his bladder wasn’t helping him think any clearer and he really needed to get his thoughts in order before he’d be able to figure out what to do. 


Pulling the door open, he was relieved to find the hallway empty and quickly walked to the restroom around the corner.  Once he was finished, he splashed cold water on his face and dried it with a paper hand towel.  Looking up and seeing himself in the mirror over the sink, he stopped for a moment.  His skin was still pale and wan but his eyes seemed more alive than he could remember.


Snorting at himself, Lex tossed the towel in the nearby trashcan and stepped back into the hall.  Rounding the corner, he shook his head again in amusement when he found that he’d left his door wide open.  At this rate, if he didn’t get some sleep and soon, he’d be lucky to remember his own name by morning.


Shutting the door behind him, Lex grabbed the water bottle off the desk.  Finishing it off in a few long swallows, he dropped it in the waste basket by the bed and kicked his shoes off.  Yanking his shirt off over his head, he was too tired to finish undressing and collapsed on the bed still wearing his pants.  Sleep was more important.  Letting his tired eyes slide shut, he spared one last thought for the boy separated from him by one thin wall.  He was still smiling when sleep finally came.






Lex woke to the feeling of his skin crawling.  Stretching and twitching and sliding over his muscles, sending giant earthquakes of shock and sensation across electrically vibrating nerves that were trying to burrow their way up from his bones.  His eyelids didn’t want to cooperate and when he finally forced them up, he almost regretted it.  His skin wasn’t crawling – it was *shimmering*.  Colors crashed and collided and dripped off him in a familiar light show, the motion of his head on the sheets beneath it sounded like waves rushing across his eardrums and wow, apparently he was high. 


No, scratch that – he wasn’t just high, he was fucking *flying*.  Which was great except... it was bad.  Really bad.


Because he wasn’t *supposed* to be high. He hadn’t *taken* anything.  But there was no denying the way his body just wanted to rub against everything it touched, wanted to push the shockwaves higher and higher and okay, what had been feeling good was starting to feel... not so good.  His skin wasn’t just crawling, it was itching and he wanted to scratch it away except he kept getting distracted by the shimmering lights made by the motions of his hands, the room was starting to move and twist in entirely unpleasant ways now and focusing was getting a little difficult since his eyeballs kept trying to roll up into his skull.  This wasn’t just ‘really bad’ in the ‘bad trip’ kind of way now, this was ‘really bad’ in the ‘you’re fucked and there’s no one here to help you’ kind of way.


And while it was *terrifying*, he wasn’t crying.  No, he wasn’t.  Those weird, strangled noises weren’t coming from him.  But the high pitched, hysterical laughter that was making his ears hurt?  Yeah, that might be him.  He couldn’t be positive about that though, since he wasn’t really sure where his face was any more.


A more concerted effort and his arms and legs were moving now, just so long as he didn’t try to focus on the rippling and swirling walls.  After another moment, he found his face again.  Or more accurately, the floor found it when it came rushing up at him.  And apparently he’d bitten through his lip when he fell because he could taste copper sliding across his tongue and, no matter what it was that he’d been dosed with, that taste just wasn’t pleasant.  He could feel it trickling out his mouth and down his chin and laughing face first into the floor while his stomach started to flip really wasn’t going to get him anywhere anytime soon.


“Lex, I... Jesus Christ!”  Okay, that wasn’t him talking.  Head up, just a little push with the arms and he could lift his head.  Blurry eyes struggled to focus and Clark’s wide-eyed face swam into view from where the boy stood frozen in his doorway.

”Clark...”  Another choking bark of laughter and that was seemed to be all his stomach could handle because the next thing he was aware of was violently heaving over a waste basket.  A waste basket.  He didn’t recall moving across the room so how...


The warmth of a hand rubbing his shoulder and then the back of his neck.  Oh. Clark  Right.  Clark must’ve grabbed the basket before his insides decided to try their best to get outside.  How sweet of him...


“Jesus, Lex, what the hell did you take?”


“Didn’t... didn’t take anything...”  His own voice boomed back at him from inside the metal container and only the steady press of hands on his shoulders and head kept him from flinching away from it.


“Lex... even if it was food poisoning, I don’t think you’d get this sick this fast...”  Doubt in that low voice that was making his ears feel so much better.  It didn’t matter that Clark doubted him, just so long as he kept talking.


“I swear... I didn’t.  Someone else...”  The hand on the back of his neck spasmed and really, that felt almost nice - except for the part where his skin felt like it was writhing underneath it.


“Someone else?” Wow, he didn’t know if it was the drugs or not, but Clark’s voice had gotten quite a bit deeper with those words.  Almost... protective.  It had to be the drugs.  Had to be.


“We have to get you to the hospital, Lex.”  Oh, apparently Clark was still talking and as soon as what he was saying filtered through to Lex’s brain, he started to violently shake his head.  Which was a really bad idea since it prompted another wave of stomach-emptying nausea.


Once the wave passed, Lex shook his head more gingerly as panicked words tripped from his lips.


“No, no hospitals! No hospitals or Dad will find out and he won’t be happy... he’ll kick me out and I’ll be homeless...”  When he ran out of breath, Clark was rubbing his back in circles.


“Hey, hey, calm down.”


“No hospitals, please, Clark.”  Warm, smooth fingers were wiping sweat from Lex’s forehead now and it was getting harder and harder to keep his eyes open.


“Lex...”  Worry still thick in Clark’s voice, wrapping around Lex like a comfortable blanket, and he smiled even when he started to slump sideways.


“Just sleep... I’ll be fine... promise...”  The last thing Lex was aware of was Clark’s voice whispering quietly across his ear as strong arms lifted him carefully from the floor.


“You’d better be right, Lex.  You’d better be right.”




Loud, abrasive ringing in his ears and Lex came awake with a snap.  Eyes forced open as the ringing abruptly stopped and he was treated to a view of a broad shouldered, t-shirt clad male form standing at his desk with the room’s phone pressed to his ear.


Oh, right. Clark.


In his room.  Answering his phone.  And the only person who would be calling him here would be his father...


Struggling to untangle himself from the sheets, Lex sat upright and motioned franticly at Clark, who simply turned to face him with an enigmatic expression on his face and kept talking.


“No, sir, Lex isn’t here.  He’s at the library doing research for a class.”


A short pause in which one of Clark’s eyebrows rose and he shook his head slightly.


“I’m here because Lex is letting me use his computer since mine crashed last night.”


Another pause and this time Clark’s eyes narrowed and his expression grew dark.


“I’m not sure what you’re asking, sir, but I only know Lex as far as knocking on his door and asking to use his computer.  Excuse me?  Yes sir, I have a girlfriend.  Chloe.”


The blood in Lex’s veins felt as thick as ice and he couldn’t stand the acid burn of the film in his mouth for one more second.  Grabbing his toothbrush and paste from the bedside table, he was out the door and across the hall before the rest of Clark’s answers could register.


Eyes fixed unseeing on the dull glimmer of the metal shelf above the sinks, he scrubbed mechanically at his teeth until he felt the copper wash of blood across his tongue.  Blinking and dropping the brush onto the porcelain, Lex raised his eyes to the mirror and the bright slash of crimson across his lip made his stomach clench with remembered nausea.


He’d bitten through his lip last night, he remembered that quite clearly.  Yes, he’d bitten through it when he’d fallen out of his own bed, right before Clark had found him in all his humiliated, stomach-emptying glory.


Clark, who’d still been there in the morning.


Clark, who was most probably still there in his room.


Clark, who apparently hadn’t thought it necessary to mention his *girlfriend* to Lex.


Wiping angrily at his mouth with the back of his hand, Lex spun on his heel and stalked back into his room.  Slamming the door behind him, he came to a grinding halt and glared at a startled Clark.


“That was your Dad. Last night you said you didn’t want him to know, so I thought...”


“Who the hell is *Chloe*, Clark?”  The venomous drip of Lex’s voice cut across Clark’s hesitant words like a knife and the younger man visibly straightened in surprise.




“Your *girlfriend*, Clark?  The one you failed to mention when you were telling me all about how you weren’t interested in girls?”  Clark blinked twice in quick succession and then slowly began to smile.  The same damn smile that’d nearly blinded Lex the first time Clark had walked through his door.


“Lex., Chloe is just a friend of mine.  Your dad seemed awfully curious about whether or not I had a girlfriend, so I thought it might be better if I lied.”  This time it was Lex’s turn to blink in surprise.  When Clark began to slowly close the distance between them, he took an involuntary step backwards and jumped when the smooth wood of the door pressed against his back.


“A... friend?  Just a friend?”  No, that wasn’t Lex’s voice that was shaking.  Just the after effects of the drugs, messing with his vocal chords.


“Just a friend, Lex.  I wasn’t lying when I said I was interested in you.”  An amused smirk, a huskier voice and now Clark was close enough for Lex to feel the heat fairly radiating off of him.  Swallowing past a suddenly dry throat, Lex worked to form a coherent reply.  With Clark standing that close to him, green eyes drifting lazily over his face, he really didn’t think he could be blamed for having more than a little difficulty.




“You’ve got blood on your lip.”  Any words that might’ve formed died the second Clark’s thumb stroked across Lex’s lower lip.  Slow glide of soft, warm skin and Lex could feel his body started to shake, could feel his pupils blowing wide open when Clark did it a second time and let his thumb linger, caressing back and forth until Lex was panting.  Every single nerve and cell alive and buzzing with intense desire for this, for what was happening between them right now.  Until all he wanted was *more*. 


Apparently Clark was a mind-reader because now that torturous thumb was stroking along his jaw to the back of his head and thick fingers were tangling in his hair, urging him forward.  Warm breath against lips that were still tingling and...


Heat.  Wet, electric heat and Lex’s hands were scrabbling for purchase in worn cotton as a slick tongue swept across his torn lip before driving in and *owning* him in a way no one else ever had before.


Steady press of a large hand against the small of his back, a jean-clad leg slipping between his thighs and Lex whimpered into Clark’s mouth.  Sucked desperately on his tongue, ground his hips down into the delicious pressure and gasped for breath as that talented mouth slid down to nip at the curve of his neck.


Gasped and whimpered again when teeth scraped across skin, tightened on the tendon in his neck, lips sealing around them. Suction and the bright, sharp heat of blood vessels breaking and Lex’s ability to speak returned in a rush.


“Oh god, Clark... please...”  Low hum of approval from the vicinity of his neck and the words continued to spill out into the pink curl of an ear framed by ebony hair.


“Clark... Clark, please... I want... oh fuck, God, I want to suck you off... please...”  Jerky thrust of Clark’s hips this time, and Lex could feel the hard length of Clark’s erection pressing into his thigh.  Clark’s mouth released his neck with a final lick and then green eyes were boring into his own.  So close, so full of heat and lust and more, and a smile that made Lex’s spine shiver.


“You really think I’d say no to that?”  And wow, the sound of Clark’s deep, roughened voice apparently *could* make Lex harder than he already was.  Spreading his hands wide on Clark’s chest, Lex let them trail lower to the waistband of Clark’s sweatpants and smiled wildly at the shudder of hard muscle beneath his fingertips.  He leaned in again, and breathed out against Clark’s ear.


“Relax, Clark, you’re going to enjoy this.”  And then Lex dropped unceremoniously to his knees in a move that had Clark’s hands slapping against the door for balance.  Wetting his own lip teasingly with the tip of his tongue, Lex made short work of yanking the loose sweatpants over Clark’s hips, down and off.  Then and only then, did he let his eyes settle on the long, thick cock that was weeping precum across Clark’s lower stomach. 


His arms twined around Clark’s trembling thighs, Lex avoided the cock screaming for his attention and buried his face in the soft, wiry nest of dark hairs that surrounded it. He buried his face and breathed in deeply, failing to bite back a low moan at the heavy musk that was *Clark*.  Nuzzling his face lower, he pressed a kiss to Clark’s balls before slowly laving them from top to bottom and back again.  An act that dragged a guttural groan out of the man standing above him.


“Lex, God, please...”  The raw sound of begging from those sensual lips was all the incentive Lex needed to lean his head back and slowly suck the head of Clark’s cock into his mouth.  The resultant jerk of hips and growled curse from above and he couldn’t tease anymore.  Relaxing his throat muscles, Lex spared a single moment to grin up at Clark before pressing his head back down and steadily swallowing the entirety of Clark’s impressive length whole.  Swallowing again to overcome the gag reflex that was almost non-existent led to a hand tangling in his hair and a religious chant of his name from Clark’s lips.


Letting his eyes slip shut, Lex pressed down until his nose was buried against soft warmth and his hands began to knead at the taut muscles of Clark’s ass.  Pulling and pressing and pleading without words until that first hesitant thrust that had Lex spurting precum into his own shorts.


Hesitant thrusts growing certain, rougher, driving.  Fingers tightened in his hair, guiding him forward and back until Lex could only give himself up to the sensation of having his mouth repeatedly fucked and moan around the thick flesh filling him.  The wet sound of Clark’s balls slapping against his already drool-slicked chin stuttered and then stopped, with Clark’s cock buried deep in Lex’s throat.  A full body shudder and then heat, liquid heat scalding the sides of his throat as he swallowed and kept on swallowing until Clark finally dragged him off with a whimper of his own.


Lex was left kneeling in a daze for a single moment, before large hands were dragging him effortlessly to his feet and Clark’s mouth was devouring him.  Bending his body back as he searched every inch of Lex’s mouth for their mingled taste and yanking his shorts down, only to wrap a broad hand around Lex’s own weeping cock.  Scrabble of hands tightening in Clark’s hair as that hand began a hard, fast rhythm, relentlessly driving Lex closer and closer to orgasm with each stroke.  Tearing his mouth from Clark’s, Lex could only moan loudly and let his head loll backwards as Clark continued to jack him with one slick hand.  Could only shake and tremble when Clark finally found his voice and leaned in close.


“You like that, Lex?  You like what I’m doing to you?” Lex’s low, panted, desperate moans twisted into a defiant reply.


“This all you got, Kent?”  Mouth taken again in a whirl of heat and it was all Lex could do just to hang on as wet muscle rode right over any protesting words before they even formed.  Clark released his mouth only to close his lips on Lex’s sensitive earlobe and suck, laving his tongue back and forth over the reddened flesh until Lex was writhing against him.  The hand stroking his cock stopped moving, encircling him instead in a tight, frustrating embrace that dragged out a moan of outrage.


“Why won’t you admit it, Lex? I know you like it. I can see how hot it gets you.  I know how hot it gets me just watching you.” A suggestive glide of that tongue along the curve of his neck and Lex’s entire body shook with need.


“God, yes, I love it, I fucking love it! Just...”  His frantic admission was met with a renewed vigor in the hand jacking him and Lex’s eyes drifted shut against the steadily rising tide inside of him.  They snapped wide open again as sharp teeth bit down into his neck and that was all Lex’s high-wired body could handle.  Muscles tightened, his hips jerked erratically and then he was coming with a scream.


The next thing Lex was aware of was being curled across Clark’s lap, who was sitting on the floor and leaning against the door.  Smiling down at him with a new smile that Lex hadn’t remembered seeing on him before.


“So... I take it you enjoyed, huh?”  Caress of a hand down his bare arm and a soft kiss to the hollow of his neck before Clark leaned back to answer, still smiling.


“Enjoyed isn’t even the word for how you’ve made me feel, Lex.  And I meant it, I don’t want to share you.  Not with anyone.  Is that... is that a problem?”  Faint hint of uncertainty in Clark’s voice and Lex pressed closer to him, raising his own hand to stroke Clark’s cheek.


“No, Clark, it’s not a problem at all.  I don’t think I’ve ever dated a farmboy from Kansas before.  Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever dated before, period.” A low chuckle of laughter vibrated the chest against his ear and gone was the uncertainty from Clark’s voice when he responded.


“That’s okay, I don’t think I’ve ever dated anybody rich and famous before either.  Think we can manage to figure out how to make it work?”  Now Lex was grinning as he shook his head at Clark.


“Clark, they’re sending us to college to learn to overcome the obstacles in our lives.  I’m fairly certain that implies that we should be more than capable of figuring out how to date and have relationships.  If you want to have a relationship, I mean.”  Gently kneading fingers chased the tightness from Lex’s shoulders as Clark picked him up effortlessly from off the floor and lowered him onto the bed.


“I want a relationship, Lex.  With you.”  Lex’s grin became a rare, full-bloomed smile at Clark’s quietly spoken, but intensely meant words.


“Good, Clark, good.  Let’s worry about my dad’s motives for calling and the jackass who dosed me tomorrow.  Right now, I want to take a long nap here, with you.  Is that okay?” 

There was no hesitation - Clark joined him at the first invitation of a raised sheet, only settling down once he was curled around Lex and Lex’s head was resting firmly on his chest


A long pause in which Lex’s eyes drifted shut and his breathing began to even out, until Clark’s soft voice interrupted.


“Still wish I hadn’t walked right into your room yesterday?”  Twist of his head to nuzzle Clark’s throat and Lex felt the last of the tension bleed out of the body beside him.


“I stopped wishing that the moment you stayed, Clark.”  A tightening of the arms around him, a whispered ‘thank you’ and the room was silent once more except for the sound of their mingled breaths deepening into sleep.


The End



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