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Lex could still feel the silk shirt clinging to his back.  The day had been warm, the inside of the club even warmer, but Clark?

Seeing Clark, *feeling* Clark after too many days spent mulling over reports and sitting through meeting after meeting?

That had been hot.

But not nearly as hot as the feeling of that *mouth* skimming its way along his neck, dipping to part against his pulse and then sucking.  Hard.

He'd barely managed to put the car in park before Clark was sliding closer, one hand dragging down his chest to his belt while the other pushed his head back to expose his throat.

Scrape of teeth and he could *feel* the blood vessels breaking.

"God, Clark... fuck..."  Gasped and panted into cooling night air as the hand at his belt dipped lower to cup his rapidly hardening cock through soft leather.  Bit into his own lower lip and arched into the rough caress as a heated voice whispered in his ear.

"I want you."



Scrabble of hands as he struggled to undo his seat belt and then...

Sudden rush of displaced air and he was being pulled up and turned over, face pressing into the side of the door and knee catching against the gear shift.  Fingers clutching convulsively on hand-stitched imported leather seats when leather pants miraculously disappeared and an omniscient deity fervently thanked for boyfriends with superspeed.

Open mouth and words almost spoken drowned out by low, keening moans as hot hands branded smooth skin and slowly spread him.  Exposed him.

Wet.  Hot.  Merciless tongue.  Licking.  Sucking.  Biting.  Forcing him open.  Forcing him to submit to being split open by white-hot pleasure.

All thoughts abandoned beneath the onslaught of an alien who didn't need to breathe, head thrashing now back and forth.  Face slick with sweat, lips bitten near through in desperate attempts to maintain some semblance of control.

Mewling whimper at the sudden loss of that thick muscle and the intrusion of cool air on wet, sensitive skin.  Whimper mutating into panting gasps for breath at the slow press of slicked fingers.

Gasps changing to a howl as fingers were removed and replaced by the hard, volcanic heat of Clark's cock.  Steady, steady push, lips closing on the back of his neck.  Teeth biting and holding as hips paused before drawing back to thrust forward.

Eyes open and unseeing, head thrown back and hands spasming against the door.  Corded muscles wrapping around his waist, holding him upright as hips snapped forward.  Again and again.  Driving into him, splitting him wide open.  Tearing down every wall and every mask and leaving him screaming with unrelenting ecstasy.

Time crawling, sliding, skidding to a halt as his mouth opened and muscles locked, as his body shook and his mind splintered into a thousand pieces.

A beat, a throb and then pulse after pulse of liquid heat deep inside.  Then falling... darkness...

Another rush of displaced air and his sweaty face rested against a solid chest, two sets of lungs panting, starved for air.

Long moments spent doing nothing but breathing. In. Out.  In again.  In tandem, sated and content.

Tongue raw, licking swollen lips, words forced from a roughened throat.

"So... when are finals over again?"  Quiet groan against the top of his head.

"Not for another week."

"Mmmm.... you really need to find an outlet for all that stress."  Warm puff of laughter against his bare scalp and the sensation of soft lips turning up in a smirk.

"Yeah, you're right.  Know anyone who could help me with that?"

"I might.  What do you say we get out of here and discuss it over a nice, hot bath?"  Press of a kiss and the slow, possessive slide of a hand across his pleasantly aching ass.

"I'd say you've got a deal."

The End


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